The first Open-Source Monopoly clone for windows.

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You will get your question answered in the Forums, but if you want to contact a developer you may email them: (Project Admins are designated in bold text below.)
Name E-mail
David Barnes david@monopolie.org
Colin Mitchell colin@monopolie.org
Michael Kazin michael@monopolie.org
James F. Carroll james@monopolie.org
DJ Storm dj@monopolie.org
Todd Paddock todd@monopolie.org
David Hagler davidh@monopolie.org
M Cyrzan cyrzan@monopolie.org
Aat Shadewa aat@monopolie.org
Dragos Neagu dragos@monopolie.org
Og Maciel og@monopolie.org
Gerard Peyri gerard@monopolie.org
Michael A. McPeters Jr. mike@monopolie.org
Brian Schmitt brian@monopolie.org
De Vos Michaël vozzie@monopolie.org

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